Trường Quốc Gia Âm Nhạc Và Kịch Nghệ Sài Gòn

National Conservatory of Music and Theater, Saigon, VN

As a Professor of Music since 1955, Director from 1970-1975, and Piano Chair from 1975-1984 (demoted at the fall of Saigon), Professor NghiemPhuPhi always cherished his memories of TQGANKNSG and kept in touch with his students until his death.

This picture was on his original nghiemphuphimusic page to honor (Tưởng Niệm) those who passed away prior to his own death.


Thằng Cuội Ngồi Gốc Cây Đa

Play performed by Alumni of TQGANKNSG
Music by: Le Thuong
Arrangement by: Nghiem Phu Phi